Family lifestyle photoshoot

Pregnancy or newborn, birthday party, christening, baptism, first holy communion… All these special occasions and events throughout our children’s lives encourage us to celebrate them with a photoshoot, naturally inviting the photographer to capture these important moments.

But what if the most ordinary, daily life moments were also celebrated? Wouldn't we like to remember those simple moments in which there is so much charm? 

Simply, there doesn't have to be some big event to make it worth photographing.

What I would like to give to you are pictures of tenderness, gestures, hugs, cuddles, glances full of emotions and joy. I am very grateful for every meeting with you, when you invite me to your home, to participate in your most discreet, intimate surroundings when you just feel good. I want you to keep these moments forever.

Years later, the value of such photos is priceless, as priceless as memories that remind us of what we were like... just yesterday.

What does the Family Lifestyle Shoot at your house look like?

The sessions take place in the natural conditions of your apartment, your home, where you feel at ease. The lifestyle shoot is full of natural frames. There is no need for styling anything or worry about how the interior look like. We focus on real emotions, natural poses, we capture what is most important - love and closeness between loved ones.

What are your biggest concerns about a lifestyle shoot at your home? 

Perhaps it’s showing the house to the photographer -worries of low light, limited space, no "Instagram-like" interiors? Often we are just finishing decorating and we need to do this or that. Only this is not what this shoot is about, it is about finding beauty between the walls you are in and not in the stylish decorations!

You feel that you have not enough experience? Feel uncomfortable with having a photographer in your house for several hours? I am there as your cheerful, patient and calm visitor that wants to present you in the most beautiful way, ensuring a comfortable shooting environment. I am certain there will even be moments you forget about me and be drawn into the time you spend with your little ones.

Are you thinking about a similar photoshoot? 
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